Monday, October 17, 2011

Welcome to the Family - Newly Acquired

This is the start of my closet series. First wanted to share some new additions to the 'family' for the upcoming season...

For the Cape Trend I couldn't pass on this beauty from Forever 21
 They still had it when I scheduled this post. Click 'here' for the link!

These silky orange pants were hard to pass. And although free the shipping does take a while but worth the wait. From

Remember this from Sunday's Post? Recent Thread show purchase from 'Raven Haven'...

After missing the leather shorts from F21 last year and lusting for it all season long I snatched this the minute it came online. It is high waist which is even better cause I can wear boxy crop tops over it without exposing tummy. Fully lined and feels like leather too. Now waiting for their leather looking leggins...

This number satisfies both the 'bomber jacket' and the 'shearling' trend all in one. I love that it is a vest cause I will get so much more use out of it in San Diego than if it was a jacket.

I am loving the spike jewelry trend.... This silver cascading one is very easy to wear...

 And these are in gold...I spent close to 10 minutes in the store trying to select pieces that go together...and don't look over the top...

This one is very very cool. The chain is so lux and the style is edgy yet very dressy!

And of course the newly purchased earrings from Sunday's Thread Show:
From Micha Design.

This is another piece that falls into 3 different trends: 1. Animal Print, 2. Calf Hair, 3. Large envelope clutch.
 Sorry, no longer on the site. That is the thing with F21 some stuff just goes super fast. Might get lucky in the store though...

I have been wanting a mustard purse for a while now. This boxy little one is so cute. I can also use it during the day with the kids!
 This one is also no longer available. But here is another cool mustard one that is new. Click 'here'!

And my georgous Lita's!!! These are purchased from Lulu's...and they still have it. Click 'here'!

These satin animal print heels look amazing on! My only in store shoe purchase from the store just cause I loved the way they looked!
click 'here' to purchase!


  1. You got some great items! Your plaid heeled/booties are fabulous! Also love all of the spiked jewelry. Very edgy and fun.

    A friend of mine just gave me a pair of calf skin leopard heels today. I cannot wait to wear them! Heather

  2. Those are some amazing scores lady! Love the clutch!

  3. Great finds! I especially love the cape and vest! :)

  4. The leather shorts & skirt are VERY cool!

  5. Love the cape! I just bought one that looks almost exactly like it! Great minds think alike! hee it all!
    XO Carrie

  6. i just bought the leather pants online...but it doesn't fit!!! have to return them. totally bummed! love those orange pants!


  7. All excellent additions to the closet family :) LOVING that cape!!

  8. i do love me a nice pair of litas!!! great finds!


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