Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome to My Closet – Juicy Oranges & Candy Apple Reds

Orange like mustard is a cool new color the last two seasons. I didn't own many items in these colors but have been acquiring slowly...


 When I put all these side by side I realize how some are this warm bright orange while the other are faded burnt orange color.

 Silky pants from

The boyfriend cardigan from gap!

 This super long and chunky winter scarf was a xmas present from my step dad years ago. It has matching mittens that I was too lazy to take out. I think it is from J Crew.

The two tee's are from Closet.
Here is one:
The polka dot scarf is from H&M, the beaded one is from Turkey and the silk sash is from J Crew.

Here is the silk sash used as a belt on my b-day last year:

The beaded scarf:

The polka dot scarf:

I love this clutch. It is an elongated rectangle which makes it very cool. Got this from Arden B on sale to match a dress I bought back when I wore very matching clothes!
The earrings are from various boutiques and the ring is from H&M.

 These super cool and long leather fringe earrings a Thread Show purchase from last year. Same designer (Micha Design) as the one I visited this Sunday.

These long tunic sweaters I remembered later... Both from Mango!
The thick one was a VS purchase during pregnancy! Very thick and warm and I use it mostly for a house sweater during winter months.
The 'rust' colored one is new from H&M. Haven't worn it yet.

This one is from my sister's 'give away' pile. Great pieces for Halloween time. This is from last year when it was actually cool in October, unlike the mid 80's weather we have now.

These orange shorts were bought for our first family trip with my son to Acapulco 4 years ago:

I like pairing them with other bold colors:

This Orange strapless top with gold sequins was a $5 purchase from a street vendor in Turkey:

The cool flip flops are also a last summer purchase from Turkey.

And now the REDS!
 Here are my pretty red pieces!

Showing off some screaming red tights:

Silk blouse from Ann Taylor (old work items)...
And some other silk blouses I obviously did not pull for the group photo but remembered when I went through my past outfit photos:

I think my mom got this at a thrift store. It is F21 and the crop cape is so adorable and totally in now.

 I thrifted this F21 coat myself. The red polka dot over black lining is also adorable.

 The tartan plaid purse mixed with animal print...

This adorable hat is a TJ Maxx purchase. Very retro looking...
The super comfy sneaker wedges from Turkey!

 The flats from my maternity bin!
My amazing designer stilettos.


Or Sexy:

And the Lita's Of course:

The fringe suede purse from Thread Show!

The cap is my mom's. The scarf from F21, the hand made necklace is from Turkey and the large beaded one is from a summer boutique.

Here is the red scarf and my red tee as well:

I also have silk scarf with butterfly print as well:

I didn't do an individual photos but there was also red jeans from F21 and a few sweaters and of course my Lita's and some other scarves too. And realized I also have a red dress and a red suit and red shorts!

Here is the Ann Taylor Suit Blazer:

The F21 Red Dress:

The Red Jeans:

Red Sweater Twin Set & the Purse:

Red Jeans and the silk scarf:

The red denim shorts:

Lets not forget my super old red flare pants:

Hope you enjoyed the oranges and reds from my closet. Any favorites?
Stay tuned for tomorrow for 'Everything Plum'...


  1. Too many great pieces to pick a favorite! Love the orange pants though from Romwe!

    Can't wait for the plums. Purples are my favorite! Heather

  2. BIG fan of red myself. Orange... not so much. LOVE your red blazer & stilettos.

  3. I love bright colors and using them as an unexpected pop. These are perfect for that. :)

    I also can't wait for Plum, my favorite color! :)

  4. wow! a long and cool post!!
    I love how you combine the colours!

  5. I really do like these posts, miss!! And I could really do with a little more orange and red in my closet. Especially red. I don't really own anything in red and it's my favorite color...hmmm...

    Come enter my Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

  6. i love tangerines! i actually think it's a bit easier to wear than red...and it's still a bold statemnt!


  7. perfec in all look
    elegant and beautiful lady
    and i like your perfect smile


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