Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome to My Closet – Animal Prints and Lizard Skins

 Welcome to my collection of Animal Prints! 

When you think of animal print the first thing that comes to mind is the brown/black tones of Leopard, cheetah colors:

This super cool velvet blazer was a thrift store purchase. I have ton of combo's on my list but have not worn it yet!

This cute crop cardigan is my mom's. I have it on loan cause I have ton of outfit combos using it...

These BCBGirls Mules are very old. They are actually a combination of lizard skin and animal print and calf hair too!

These belts are both Betsey Johnson and both from TJ Maxx but bought at totally different times!

Here I am wearing the stretchy belt and the mules and the heart animal print necklace which is also Betsey Johnson!:

 These super cool wedges are a F21 purchase...

 This is my famous cross body wallet bag. I use it almost every day during fall/winter months. It is always attached to my body. I only take it off when I am home or taking an outfit photo!

These animal print gloves are my mom's as well. Aren't they super cool. I only wore them once last winter...

 This scarf is a Forever 21 purchase. It is light schiffon material and easy to wear year round...

And of course I forgot the animal print halter summer dress my mom brought from vacation:

This schiffon maxi skirt is another Forever 21 purchase. Came with attached shorts so you can wear it anywhere. So comfy too.

You know of course Animal Prints also come in black and grey and white colors as well:

This Forever 21 trench jacket is an older purchase but always stays in fashion somehow:

 This headband is super super old. And the sunglasses are new b-day present from my mom:

These satin heels are from Forever 21 and relatively new. Haven't worn them  yet...

This tank from F21 has such a cool knotted back. 

These leggings from Target are cotton and easy to wear:

This top was a maternity top but I can use it by tucking it now:

This Express Zebra Shrug is a thrift store purchase...

 And then there are animal prints in all sorts of COLORS!

This green zebra print tee is an H&M purchase:

This is a very old H&M hoodie I wear all the time in teal zebra:

I got this neon colored animal print tee from Turkey!

This Mulberry for Target purse was bought as a diaper bag originally...

This blue black halter top was my mom's. She took it back after seeing the post I wore this outfit.

And finally my super old red animal print velvet tank from Bebe.

Well hope you enjoyed all the ANIMAL PRINTS...

And now we move onto 'LIZARD SKINS'
 The fact that I had this many items with lizard skin was a total surprise! And as usual I even realized I had more items after this group shot but will show those to you in outfits down below...

This silvery lizard skin leggings were a 'closet' find. They are a bit out there but so cool looking and shiny!
The 'clutch' is Guess. I use it as a clutch but it has a chain strap as well.

This Ann Taylor silk green lizard skin print blouse is just a beauty and has a matching tie that can be tied at neck. I have had this for years!

This blue lizard tote is a very old Forever 21 purchase!

The Chanel Heels with green lizard skin trim are the most coveted pair of shoes in my collection:

I got the thin belt from Ann Taylor on sale. The sandals are Victoria's Secret and the cross body tiny purse is a gift from my brother and SIL from Banana Republic...
They come with these detachable ties!

Forgot that these pink kate spade sandals are also lizard skin!

The Via Spiga Puprle tote I showcased with the 'plum' collection and the Bebe clutch my bf gave me for my b-day:

These super sexy Victoria's Secret stiletto Boots are ridiculous old from my college days...
The belt I think was a thrift find. I can't remember...

This gorgeous 6126 purse was a b-day gift from my mom! I am going to use it so much this fall!

My dream Michael Kors purse was also a b-day gift from my mom. Both are from TJ Maxx at half the price of their original retail tag!


Hope you enjoyed all my Animal Prints and Lizard Skins!
Tomorrow is 'Shiny Mettallics & Electric Blue'


  1. wow ne kadar çok var bu leoparlardan. Mulberry for target çanta çok güzelmiş aynı renk ve deseni Kenneth Cole da kullanmıştı. Kate spade pembe sandaletler de çok sevimli.

  2. wow what a great collection!


  3. Love all of this! It just reminds me that I need to get more animal print! ;)

  4. I love anything animal print! You have sooo much! :) Python print has to be my absolute favorite this season, especially python print tights.


  5. I found this post after googling "zebra print teal hoodie". I have been searching in vain for a replacement for my overly-loved, super-deteriorated H&M hoodie. I can't bear to throw it out! I'm so happy to find someone who loves it just as much as I do.

    Love your use of animal print! Keep on rocking!


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