Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So, this is a complete copycat of my fellow blogger E's look yesterday! (check her out at The minute I saw her outfit, I told myself 'hey I own all similar items' I love it when I see looks that can be created with items I already own. And it was going to be a bit cooler today and hence my current list is full of spring/summer outfits it was perfect for cooler San Diego weather. She had jeans that was similar to this shade of blue, mine are cords. And of course her shoues are amazing Miu Miu, mine are my classic slouch boots. I should have tken the photos before I stuffed my bag with the laptop but I was running late as it is and was not going to unpack it just for the photos. Don't you love my son running across the first photo. I thought it was cute. You wouldn't beleive how some days these photos are taken so fast and in such super rush that is amazing they come out at all. Oh, I had a much better shirt to wear but it was at dry cleaners o had to go with this one. It is too short though so it kept coming out of the pants throughout the day.
White blouse - Charlotte Rousse
Blue Cords - Gap
Leather slouchy boots - Hype
Brown necklace - can't remember where I got this
Brown leather belt - The Limited
Tote - LV knock off - NYC street vendor - $50

I did not intentially omit the prices of the other items, they are so old, I can't remember them at all. Some items I remember the price the location like yesterday. Especially if they were a great deal and some I just don't.

Today's Activities: A very long Dr's (infusion) appt, hence the reason for me carrying a laptop and running errands during the day.
Not much to dress for after all.

First, I am sorry for forgetting to include this yesterday....
Second today's tip is probably not going to relate to any of you cause I doubt you are as crazy as I am when it comes to organization and obessions with spreadsheets.
But, regardless here it is: Organizing outfit ideas on a spreadsheet helps in many ways. It helps you pick out an oufit without much thought. If you tag outfits by 'dressy' vs. 'everyday' and by season you can sort them easily depending on weather and event. Also, if you are going to be traveling it allows you choose outfits that utilize the same top, bottom or shoes when sorted accordingly.
Here is the format I use:
Bottom Top 1 Top 2 Top 3 Dressy Shoes Casual Shoes Belt Jewelry Handbag Type Season

Allowing 3 fields for top lets me identify layers and if there are no layers I use those columns for things like scarf or additional accessories. I do two columns for shoes for those outfits that can go from casual to dressy with just the change of shoe. Those are tagged as 'both' under the 'type' column. When I have a busy day and plans at night I tend pick those outfits so I don't have to change clothes from day to night.
Since I had 3 hours to kill and no internet connection at the Dr's office, I was going to move my handwritten outfit ideas lis to the spreadsheet. Before that though I found my old spreadsheets. It was great to remember some combinations I had forgottan. Most were work combo's but some others were keepers.

I am going to post tonight's activity and outfit separately so there is a separate link to it.

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