Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Stranger!

So, the title is addressed to my classic boot cut jeans! I have been bad and have neglected them for quite sometime. If you noticed I have been living in skinny jeans, occasionally mixing it up a bit with boyfriend jeans. But the boot cuts have been pushed to the bottom of the drawer. With a crop and fitting sweater like this only this cut would go, so here they came out. These jeans seem to always fit me. Whether I have extra pounds or have lost weight they just fit. Weird huh? Kind of like those jeans in the 'sisterhood of the pants' movie. That might not be the exact title but you get it. The length also is fine whether I am wearing flats or heels. Magical.
My sister was giving away this sweater and seeing its coral color I saw potential. First of all this color goes great with blue, hence the blue jeans. Than I realized it will make an excellent back drop to this big and funky blue necklace I bought last year's 'Thread Show'. It is such a statment necklace that it can only be worn with simple plain clothes I feel. It looks great on all black outfits as well which is how I wore it when pregnant.
To finish it off, wore my new rose metal colored flip flops, which if you look on my list of 'what is in style now' section you will see totally in. To match that I went with my bronze glitter belt which occasionally peeks under the crop sweater.
Although as my friend and I concluded at the end that wearing flip flops to the dirt roads of flower fields is not such a great idea. I had to wash the sandals when I got home.

Coral crop Sweater - mango - hand me down from sister
Jeans - Citizens of Humanity - Some Jean sample sale years ago - $100
Rose leather and satin flip flops - BCBGirls - TJ Maxx - $29
Blue bone necklace - Thread Show - $20
Bronze glitter belt - F21 - $4.50

Today's Activities: Playdate at a friend's house. Rushed home for lunch and naps and after 7 very angry phone calls to AT&T the tech showed up. Ironic part was all he had to do was re-start the modem! I don't even want to comment!
In the afternoon drove to Carlsbad (approx 25 miles north of SD) to the flower fields and met my friend and her kids there. Will include some photos at the bottom. Then had dinner at friend's house and drove back right at bed time.

Me and the kids at the flower fields. Loved this mushrom in front of the kid's playground area. My daughter is wearing her Juicy top (gift from grandma) and black tulle lined skirt.

Beautiful flower fields of Carlsbad... You can see the ocean in the back in the right photo.


  1. Your necklace is beautiful and unique. Good match. I have the same flip flops in black, I love them.

  2. I love that necklace!! Looks great with the sweater!

  3. That belt is fantastic!!

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    Thanks for considering! I think your readers will really enjoy this contest too!

  4. How cute! I love the bright blue against your sweater and the flowers are gorgeous!


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