Friday, April 2, 2010

Who are you calling a 'mommy' now?

I love this outfit for more than one reason. 1st of all it is sexy even though it includes a button up professional blouse and a blazer jacket and boots by just bearing legs. 2nd it defies all the old fashion rules of not combining navy with black with brown. (navy jacket, black boots and brown belt). 3rd it makes me feel 6 feet tall with legs to match that height (I am only 5'5") and 4th and the one that counts the most my husband loves it.
My inspiration for this outfit came from a phot in Vogue. I cut the page out leaving the designer they were portraying so not sure who it was but the look stuck. These shorts are new as they are 3 inches longer than all the other jean shorts I own. The blouse is an old work shirt (great example of using old work clothes). The blazer I found on sale at F21. And of course my juicy boots makes the whole look. The shirt has stripes that go with the brown in the belt. Not sure if the photos show it.

Tonight's Activities: Celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We went pretty casual. Did not make dinner reservations and decided to shop together instead of individually. That way we left with no stress once my father and sister arrived to babysit the kids. Walked around downtown La Jolla shops. I bought him a whole new outfit. We looked for a purse for me but did not see anything I liked so it will have to be postponed. Had a nice dinner, followed with drinks.

Hubby took these photos, went a little overboard, but this was the first time he actually enjoyed taking my 'outfit' photos so here they go:


  1. This is seriously such a great look..I definatly am in need of some good denim shorts!! You look great...and Congrats on 5 years!

  2. Very nice and beautiful collection. You are a purely a natural artist.
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