Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rain Rain Come Again

So we started the morning with rain and a mini water incident at my house which is why I had these rain boots out. This mornign was tough. I did not follow my own advice and figure out what I was wearing beforehand. So, after the water incident and running totally late I couldn't figure out what to wear. I put on the jeans, and the thank and hoodie and realized it was too boring. Added the sparkly necklace and the headband (which I forgot to take a close up photo). As I rushed out the door I thought instead of uggs why don't I try these rain boots. They definitely look more interesting that uggs. Of course it was a bit odd when the sun came out to be walking around in them but since it was rainy in the morning I figured I could get away with it.
Semi-skinny jeans - Rock Revival - VS Catalog - $100
Black Tank - Closet - $3
Zip up hoodie - H&M - $30
Sparkly Necklace - H&M - $10
Headband - gift from Mom from Turkey
Rainboots - Merona - Target - $25

Today's Activities: Sea World in the morning. Great day where both kids took a 3 hour nap! Music class in the afternoon. Followed by dinner at Mom's house to celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary.

Here we are at Sea World with the seasame street characters. As you can see my daughter is thilled to meet them!

Lesson learned today, do try to always know what you are going to wear before facing your closet half naked with kids crying and clock ticking. And when you do have those accept them the way they are. If you can come up with a last minute funky bold statement piece kudos to you!

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  1. I hope to take my daughter to Sea World too when she's older. You look like you had a great time. Your baby looks like she's scared of Sesame Street mascots.

    You're so fashionable. I was looking to your previous post and you have a great sense of style. Love your clothes


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