Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pink Blossom

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here. Since I left my house later in the morning was able to dress more summery. Finally got to wear this new skirt I got from VS Catalog. It is flouncy and full and super light and airy. Perfect for summer. It is lined so does not show thru and the high elastic thick waist holds the skirt in place even in wind. And it has pockets which for a mom is a great asset. It came in many colors and designs but I loved this hot pink. I have 4-5 different outfits to wear this in on  my list.  I love how the b/w striped top pops over this color. To not compete with the colors of the outfit went with neutral colored sandals. Which are another purchase from VS. I am officially hooked on this style sandals where the ankle is covered with back/side zip closure. They are super comfy and yet very stylish. What makes them ultra safe is the heel is open so no fear of the sandal hurting your feet after a while. I wore them all day today, including an entire afternoon of walking at Sea World and they felt like sneakers and definitely more comfy than casual flip flops as they stay put. I love this tan color because it will go with everything while adding a very subtle style. I decided to add pizzazz to the whole outfit by wearing my new sparkly bib necklace. When worn a little lower like this it actually looks like part of the top. Even though it has tie closure it stays put all day long. The tan background complimented the sandals as well. To match that wore a gold leather, dark sliver chain combo bracelet, which is actually a necklace. Oh, and I will note my sunglasses today. I realized I frequently pose with them on but forget to list them. In San Diego, sunglasses are something you can't live without. They are like your keys and wallet so I forget to count them as an accessory. I have gazillion funky pairs but this is my every day one.

Top - F21 - $20 (old)
Bracelet (necklace worn like a bracelet) - F21 - $7
Ring - heirloom from my mother
Sunglasses - Chanel - Bloomingdale's - $300

Today's Activities: Visited Mom and step dad for play and lunch. Went to Sea World in the afternoon, just me and the kids, had dinner there and came home in time for baths and bed time. Hubby had to work.

Please see the photos of my babies I added to the side of the blog. This weekend has been very productive for the blog adding all sorts of new gadgets and photos and slideshows. I am going to ask a few questions to some of you for some additonal tips.

Don't spend too much money on items that are in style now but will go out of style very quickly. They are not worth the investment. However for classics like boots, trench coat, a classic cut jeans, it is worth going brand name and good quality as they will be items you will wear for years to come.


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