Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everchanging Cadbury

So, found these super cute lavendar pants at F21 yesterday. I could not beleive the price. I have been wanting to do an outfit with spring pastels and the pants were perfect. Thought it looks interesting with my lizard print silk green shirt. I tried on so many different belts and shoes with this combo and really liked how these flats look with the pants. Of course the pants have silver zippers and the sandals are gold. Oh well. The hot pink belt, is still a choice I question. What do you guys think?

Lavendar skinny pants - F21 - $13.50
Silk Shirt - The Limited 
Gold Sandals - Dolce Vita - $100
Belt - F21 - $7

Today's Activities: Easter egg hunt and picnic lunch at a local neighborhood park by my mom. Hair appointment while the kids napped at home with my husband.

In the afternoon we went to the zoo. Since the weater was cooler I changed up the outfit. Swapped the pink belt with a black one and added a black cardigan and a silver chain necklace. Also swapped the gold sandals with uggs. I thought black converse sneakers might have looked super cool. I need to order a pair very soon.

I had two friends ask me about how I tie my scarfs. When I showed them I just simply twist it around my neck they said theirs didn't look like mine. I realized it is probably due to how they store their scarf. To get that ultra crinkly look you have to store your scarf as follows: ring it out like it was a wet rag you were trying to get rid of excess water. Then fold it in half and ring/twist again. finally tie it in a knot. Store it this way. When you are ready to wear it simply un tie. I will try to demo how I tie mine tomorrow but that part really is not tricky.


  1. Cooool look! I love the colours! :D

  2. You know I'm a big fan of the lavender jeans :-)


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