Thursday, April 1, 2010

Betsey Lacey...

This was my outfit tonight. Didn't come out as good as I hoped. The jacket needed to be more fitted and cropped. I don't know how I wore this skirt in my early days but oh man was it mini. And of course right as we are walking from the car to the bar, wind picks up and it was scary. But I do love the skirt. The rose design is velvet and it has mini pleats that have lace insets. Very cute.
And these are my Juicy peep toe summer boots. You know what I love about Juicy Couture (besides the amazing clothes and shoes) the packaging. If you have not guessed I am crazy about pink. I absolutely adore Juicy's shoe boxes. They give me the same warm and fuzzy feeling as the classic little blue box, well almost... These boots are great because they are open in the heel as well. And even though they look like they have a lot of ties and strings they are zippered. And the sole is this hiking shoe material so very comfy regardless of the stilletto heel.

Lacey Mini Skirt - Betsey Johnson
Boucle Jacket - Newport News Catalog (part of a suit)
White lace ruffle blouse (worn underneath) - vintage from my Grandmother
Boots - Juicy Couture - Zappos - $200
Black earings - Ann Taylor

Tonight's Activity:
Happy hour with the girls. Then saw the broadway play 'Legally Blonde'. It was such a fun and uplifting play. Loved it.

Here I am with my mom at the bar. She is wearing a dress she actually bought for me in Turkey but it needs to be altered to fit me so in the meantime she is getting some use out of it.
Oh, forgot to give credit to my best friend who took all the night photos. She made me laugh in the poses when I look up. She hates when I look away from the camera.


  1. Daph, is that your mom!
    Wow, you and your mom look like sisters! Really!

    You look great and I love the all gray color
    of your outfit.

    Have a Happy Easter!

  2. Those shoes are amazing!! Your pattern mixing looks great!

  3. I love your shoes and the look great with that skirt!! :D

  4. you both rock! your mom looks so young. no wonder you're so pretty too


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